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Období týkající se historie lidstva od asi 3500 př. nl až 476 nl. V tomto období došlo do vzniku a pádu velkých civilizací (Řecko, Egypt, Řím,..)

Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes as well as thought

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Xiao feng way: "since is an old friend, Furthermore , i don't hide from you, we would like to build a factory in the United States obole, but your fellow villagers avoid open noodles... "
"So you want me in the bunch, don't you? You're a underhanded dog. What is it? " Rich laughed, "yes, talking Newport 100s to intelligent people is fun, inch xiao feng shrugged his or her shoulders, "the condition is you cooperate with Mr. Jiang, you don't have to pay, give you 5 percent of the dry share, but land is your company, the price is not too high, later on with your fellow villagers discussions, you also can't elbow to show. " Richard looked up Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes as well as thought, "ok! It's satisfied. This arms business is actually nobody's business, and if a person ever do it again, I'll pass away, and take the chance to make a change in careers. " Five per cent was not a small sum, as Rich knew well
In this way, xiao feng pulled Richard this particular foreign devil on his vessel, because it became a sino-us joint venture, Richard easily using the ideal Marlboro Cigarettes Online price, to get the perfect land. Moreover, there is a big area of abandoned factories with this land, which can be used as soon as it is refurbished. Jiang yunfan wanted to contact the big cigarette companies in the United States to discuss often the transfer of patents whilst he was renovating the industrial facilities and recruiting workers.
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Zpět na Starověk (cca 3500 př. nl - 476 nl)

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