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Období týkající se historie lidstva od asi 3500 př. nl až 476 nl. V tomto období došlo do vzniku a pádu velkých civilizací (Řecko, Egypt, Řím,..)

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We are finally back.With eight games to go in the 2018 regular season Arizona Cardinals Hoodie , it begin to unfold too quickly and even in bad seasons, it still is football.Which makes this season especially tough for the Arizona Cardinals, as they struggle to find their footing, and now in the second half of their season they have to go against some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.It starts with the odds on favorite to win the 2018 NFL MVP Customized Arizona Cardinals Jerseys , Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.Now, what can the Cardinals do this week?We have it covered from every angle:Walter looked at the first half of the season and how it gives an idea of the second half.We looked at the Arizona Cardinals and their enormous 17-point underdog role.What to watch for the rest of the season for the Arizona Cardinals from Tyler.How dominant the Kansas City Chiefs have been offensively in 2018.Where the Cardinals have to improve to have a shot against the Chiefs from Blake.What to watch against the Chiefs from Andy.Walter’s fantastic read on the Anthony Sherman trade.Concepts the Arizona Cardinals could steal from the Kansas City Chiefs from Kyle Posey.Finally, a look at the Chiefs from the lens of the Chiefs side of things thanks to Arrowhead Pride.Enjoy the game and go Cardinals. For the first time in five years, the Arizona Cardinals have a problem.Since 2013 Authentic Pat Tillman Jersey , the Arizona Cardinals have finished in the following places in a major defensive stat:2013 - 12014 - 62015 - 22016 - 72017 - 1This year, the Cardinals rank 31st.That stat is Football Outsiders defensive rankings against the run.That’s right, the Cardinals are the second worst team in the NFL against the run.This is a combination of a couple of things.First, the Cardinals linebacking unit is high key awful. Outside of Josh Bynes Pat Tillman Jersey Limited , no linebacker this year has played well until this weekend when Haason Reddick was pretty okay and had a nice statistical game.Secondly, the Cardinals defensive line is one gapping and that means the linebackers have to make plays.When you put two and two together, you get the worst, or second worst technically , run defense in the NFL.Then, when you add to that situation an offense that runs less than five plays per offensive possession, and you have a recipe for disaster.You have a perfect storm of a terrible run defense.Can the Cardinals fix it? That’s one of the many questions Steve Wilks and his staff have to answer now.
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